Tips for a Seamless Experience with a WordPress SSL Certificate

There is no doubt that the best thing you can currently do to your eCommerce site is to get it an SSL certificate. In addition to SEO benefits , site visitors will be assured that nobody can intercept or access their information during transmission.

As the website owner, you also gain from the protection as you log into the admin pages. So, setting up and using SSL is essential and easy , but the experience can be enhanced further if you have some tips to help you out.

SSL certificates have been found to consume a lot of server resources. So, it is advisable only to use them for pages where sensitive information from users is required.

These include the dashboard, login, admin login and others. The fact that data is encrypted before transmission and decrypted before display means that pages with the HTTPS transfer protocol will load slower than their unsecured alternatives for the server that sends and the browser that receives data respectively. You, therefore, need to implement SSL for particular pages only.

Implement the use of the strongest possible passwords by users. As much as you may have put in place a mechanism that thwarts attempts at data hacking during its transmission, you cannot possibly protect users whose passwords have been shared out to third parties or those that are so simple that cracking is easy.

Keep updating your plugins, lock out botnet attacks, and scan for malware often . These steps will protect your site from attempts by malicious persons to access it.

Note that the installation of a malicious script means that the individual behind that act will gain access to information, whether it's being transmitted or not.  As a result, ensure to invest in a reliable security plugin to offer your site enhanced protection

For enhanced security and authority, opt for an Extended Validation SSL Certificate. Of course, you will have to go through a stringent application process that includes proof of legal operation and physical address, but it's worth it since visitors to your eCommerce site will have a lot of confidence when dealing with you.

You must never allow your SSL certificate to expire because you will lose the trust of your clients and expose them to hacking attempts. It is best to get in touch with your certificate authority before the expiry date to make arrangements for renewal.