Beginners Guide to Using WordPress

Learning is a gradual process. You cannot wake up and become a pro at something without putting in some effort unless you are living in an ideal world, where everything works at your command.

Learning WordPress does not happen by talking and reading without action. You have to invest your time and energy, so as to become good at it. However, with the right mindset, learning how to use WordPress is not as difficult as it sounds. Below are beginner tips on how to use WordPress.

1. Make use of your sidebar

WordPress sidebar is made up of most of your online activities, beginning from your ads, social media icons to links from your latest tweets. Amidst all that information lays a link that is of significant importance that you would like the visitors to your site to find, failure to which, you will not have achieved your sites purpose. To avoid this, you have to pare down your sidebar to the absolute essentials. Remove all the widgets and appearance that do not add much value to your business.

2.Make it easy to access what is in your library

By creating one integrated folder that houses all your media, allows ease of search, by keying in the keyword and WordPress will produce the file you need in a short time. Also be sure always to optimize your images. You can use Image Recycle plugin for automatic image optimization on upload .

3. Clean your permalinks

You put much effort in creating appealing content for your site, so as to make it easy for most search engines to find it . You can make it simpler and easier by using short signs that direct to your information. This can be done by using the built-in WordPress permalink field that is on your editing page, to re-evaluate your links prior publishing. Erase unimportant words and make wise use of keywords when you are describing. Strive to ensure that the end word is readable by human beings, by avoiding filling your description with keywords. The logic behind this is to create a solid permalink that communicates the contents of your post at a glance to the search engines.